2018 DuckDuckGo Privacy Donations: $500,000 + $142,000 From You!

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We are proud to share that we've just donated $500,000 to 21 privacy organizations that share our vision of raising the standard of trust online. Each year, we donate to privacy-focused organizations, though this year we're exceptionally excited because an additional $142,482 was donated by 2,113 individuals like you as a part of the DuckDuckGo Privacy Challenge Crowdfunding Campaign, meaning a grand total of $642,482 was raised to help advance privacy rights and tools.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica Facebook incident, people are actively seeking out ways to protect their online privacy.

Chart showing an increase in people wanting to protect their privacy online.

In this context, we're proud that many of you took the additional step to directly support the organizations that tirelessly protect your online privacy. And just as importantly, through your efforts on social media and beyond, we were also able to increase awareness of these important projects:

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2018 DuckDuckGo Privacy Donations: $500,000 + $142,000 From You!
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