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DuckDuckGo now operates a SecureDrop instance. SecureDrop is an open source project that enables people to share information with organizations as confidentially as possible. Freedom of the Press Foundation maintains the project and a directory of over twenty five SecureDrop installations, mostly hosted by news organizations for the primary purpose of sending private information to journalists. We’ve been supporting the project via monetary donations for years.

In setting up our SecureDrop installation, we followed the recommended security practices to the best of our ability, including using physical hardware on an isolated network. As we are a private search engine and not a news organization, we don’t know what kind of information to expect to receive, if anything. However, whatever information we do receive we will treat with the utmost care and use to help raise the standard of trust online.

You can find more info at https://duckduckgo.com/securedrop.

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Dax the duck

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