10 Billion Private Searches & Counting!

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At DuckDuckGo, our vision is to raise the standard of trust online, and in service of that vision, our mission is to be the world’s most trusted search engine.

We are proud to say that at the end of 2016, we surpassed a cumulative count of 10 billion anonymous searches served, with over 4 billion in 2016 alone! We are growing faster than ever with our first 14M day on Jan 10, 2017.

People are actively seeking out ways to reduce their digital footprint online. For example, a Pew Research study reported “40% think that their search engine provider shouldn’t retain information about their activity.”

In addition to crossing the 10 billion milestone, last year we also donated $225,000 to nine organizations that also raise the standard of trust online, and we encourage you to check them out:

We are grateful to be able to make such donations yearly to more broadly serve our vision, and are working on considering donations for the new year right now. To that end, we are happy to take organization recommendations in the comments.

Happy New Year and thank you for helping us spread privacy!

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10 Billion Private Searches & Counting!
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