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Data Privacy Day 2018: Live Free of Facebook and Google Tracking

Today is the 11th annual Data Privacy Day. If you're going to make real progress in your data privacy this year, you must do something about your Google and Facebook use. Here's why and how:

I've also covered this in more detail in this op-ed on CNBC.

As explained above, here are the steps to take back your privacy online:

  • Live Google-free with our recommendations for alternatives to Google services.
  • Reduce your Facebook usage as much as possible. I've personally been living Facebook-free for many years.
  • Get the DuckDuckGo browser extension and mobile app that blocks Facebook and Google hidden trackers and contains other privacy essentials: additional tracker blocking, smarter encryption, private search, and more.
  • Make your devices more private with our device privacy tips.

Happy Data Privacy Day!

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