Is Your Data Being Sold?

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In our last blog post, we showed how to delete your Google Search History.

This limits the information that Google has for its advertisers. But, they likely still have an advertising profile on you.

We’ve mentioned before that as an advertising company Google has trackers on more than 2.2 million websites and 1 million apps. They collect information about you as you surf across the net and use this to compile your “Ad Settings.”

This is really just a way for them to sell your profile of interests to advertisers for top dollar.

How to Disable Google Ad Targeting

  1. Navigate to Google’s “Settings page.”

  2. Scroll down, and toggle “Ads Based on Your Interest” to off.

Screenshot showing how to disable Google's "Ads based on your interest".

  1. Then, scroll down more, and click the blue button to “opt-out of signed out ads.” Turn off the toggles on that page too:

Screenshot showing how to opt out of Google's signed-out ads.

Tracking is creepy, but luckily, you can switch to the Duck Side and make your searches completely anonymous. DuckDuckGo protects your search history from everyone — even us!

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Is Your Data Being Sold?
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